Discovering riverside's Adda

Itinerariy 2

From  Imbersago village to Paderno d’Adda village – circa 5 km

Imbersago is a characteristic village, situated upper the river. The central square present a medieval tower, dating back to the X century, now restored and trasformed in residence, nearby the little church deticated to S. Paul that was in origin the church of the castle. 

The itinerary, along river's banks, startrs from the landing-stage of Leonardo's ferry. From this point, till the village of Paderno d'Adda, the path throug a wonderful landscape, rich in grenn, wood, flowers and faunas. First, you will met the dike, whick brings part of the river's waters into the hydroelectric power plant Semenza (built in 1917), not far away there is a lock and the navigable canal, realized in 1777, under Maria Teresa from Austria's rule, used for inland navigation from and to Milan, until the half of XX century.

The stretch of the river offer an amazing landscape: the rapids streaming through a sort of canyon, going on, you will see the most representative building of the industrial age: the S. Michele bridge, an (iron construction, built in 1889), similar to the Eiffel Tower, it's one of the most important monuments in metal structure. The bridge has two levels: the down level is the railway line which connect Milan to Bergamo, the upper one is the road.

After a short strech you arrive at the ancient dyke, built in wood at the end of 19th century, nearby there is a little church, whic one's was preserved for the sailors of the boats, now desecrated is used by the Regional Park for exposition.

Ponte di Paderno d'Adda

S.Michele iron bridge.

Centrale idroelettrica Esterle

Power plant Esterle

Centrali idroelettriche

Power plant Esterle

Centrale idroelettrica Esterle

Power plant Esterle

Diga e Centrale Semenza

Robbiate's dike and
Power plant Semenza

Itinerariy 3

From Paderno d’Adda to Porto d’Adda – about 4,5 km.

The itinerary start from the parking of the restaurant Bel-sit at Paderno, in front there is a descent loading to the river, ath the end you turn on tight and as for the itinerary n. 2 you will see the hydroelectric power plant Semenza, the S. Michele bridge, the navigable canal, the locks and the ancient dyke in wood., following on the path you will admire a wonderful landscape, which is remained intact during the centuries.

In this stretch, three pointed rocks surfaces the rapid, called the "Horns of the Virgin", impressed even Leonardo (who probably reproduced it in the background og the two painting titled "Virgin on the Rocks". Short away you will reach the eco-museum station, the building was in origin the "Stable" where turning the horses utilized for drawin the boats charged with goods. Nowadays is still completely restored and it's a little museum with panels and a few machining planned by Leonardo. It's a refreshment point too. 

Near by, on the top of a promontory, is the Sanctuary of the "Virgin of little stronghold" build on the bases of a Long hard Tower. 

Going on, there is a few of locks and near, the house of the navigation's keepers, at the present in ruins. At the end of the way you will reach the hydroelectric power plant Bertini, the oldest of the Adda's water-course, built in 1898, the first in Italy.

Paderno e Adda

Paderno view with the Resegone mountain at the end

Centrale Bertini

Power plant Bertini

Corni della Vergine

Horns of the Virgin



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